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Kimera has been at the forefront of the made-on-demand slow fashion revolution since our launch in 1999. Our business model is based on a collection of timeless, classic styles which have a longer “shelf-life” than seasonal trend-driven brands. Samples and a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces are available for purchase both online and in our Brooklyn shop/design studio. All other pieces are custom made-to-order, thereby eliminating wasteful overproduction.


All Kimera-branded items are ethically produced in our Brooklyn atelier, by carefully-vetted independent seamstresses or small batch production facilities in NYC.


Whenever possible, we use designer and manufacturer “deadstock” fabrics (excess materials resold), upcycled or vintage fabrics. We prefer 100% natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and linen which are easier to recycle. We further minimize waste by selling $5 remnant bags which are pre-packaged bundles of fabric scraps intended to be repurposed by crafters, artists and other creative reuse.


We aim to minimize our use of single-use packaging and its environmental impact. If you order from us online, you may receive your items in repurposed boxes, plastic bags or other previously-used packaging. We also encourage in-store shoppers to bring their own bag.