"I'm so glad I went to you for my wedding dress. I received so many compliments - the sash especially was stunning. I felt gorgeous in your design!"

Delica Reduque

"Thank you so much for making the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses...It was so great to have everyone's individual personality show through...I really enjoyed the process and appreciate how accommodating you always were...Thank you so much!"

Christine Witmer-Powers

"I just wanted to say again how grateful I am for how well you made my wedding dress. You were an excellent listener, you were reassuring and kind. And you have wonderful, flattering taste. I felt great in my dress and received many compliments..."

Dawn Foreman

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and time to make my wedding dress. It was everything I wanted and more. I love it so much...I plan to wear it again and again."

Crystal Esteves

"Thank you very much for making my beautiful wedding dress! It fit perfectly, and I received many compliments. It was simply stunning."

Angela Orvis

"I want to thank you...for your dedication to making the many dresses for Maya's wedding. Your work was much admired...I felt comfortable and elegant in mine...Thank you for your sweetness and patience during our time of high anxiety."

Darlynne Devenny

"...thank you for making such a beautiful dress for my wedding!!! It was stunning and fit perfectly. My mom loved her outfit, too...Thanks for being extremely attentive, helpful, and, most importantly, skillful throughout the whole process."

Amy Zimmer

"...EVERY single woman at my wedding loved the gown. I'm so glad we worked together...to create this one of a kind dress. It was really gorgeous! Thank you so much for everything!!!!"



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